Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Too Cute!

I just had to post this old picture that I found of my sisters and me. I'm representing the neckerchief and G.I. Joe shirt and Shauna and Shala have the big 80's hair-dos. My sisters are cute.

Monday, December 29, 2008

The times, they are a-changin'...

I was watching tv the other day, and they mentioned the food product Spam. Just then I realized that I am really getting less and less old fashioned in my thinking because my first thought was of e-mail and not of this delectable fake meat. I'm sure Conan O'brien has done an "In the Year 2000" joke about this very thing at some point in time.

Ode to Family Feud

Since being out of nursing school for the semester, I've been watching daytime tv, which mostly sucks (Jerry Springer, all the "Judge" shows). Especially since I don't have cable. However, there are some good game shows, such as the Family Feud. It does not suck. It ROCKS! And the new host, John O'Hurley, is better than the two previous hosts (Richard Karn and Louie Anderson.) You know O'Hurley as J. Peterman from Seinfeld. And I love Richard Karn and Louie Anderson as actors and comedians, just not as hosts of this show. I also like the idea behind this game show, albeit frustrating sometimes. I'll explain the frustrating part in just a second. So, this show is cool because it takes family teamwork to guess answers given by other people living in America to specific survey questions. Questions like "name something you might wish on" or "what's something you'd hate to see your dog holding in its mouth." I'm usually pretty good at rattling off the answers as I sit eating saltines in my Laz-y-boy. But where it gets hard is when the questions relate to stuff I'm not familiar with like alcoholic beverages or murder. Just kidding about the murder, they never have questions about that. :- ) So, those questions are the ones that stump me. And I'd love to go on the show, but I'm afraid that my family members and I would get those crazy questions and then we'd fail miserably. And forget about the fast money portion at the end. I'd crack under that pressure, for sure. But, maybe someday you will see me and four of my relatives feuding it out for glory. We will see...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lay off me, I'M STARVING!!!

My lovely niece Amanda came to visit and I took her to all my favorite places to eat goodies. Of course, I probably helped her (and I) gain like 5 lbs over that week. This is me enjoying a honey bun from the Donut Den which is close to my church building. I call it a honey bun because that was the generic name for this pastry back in middle school. I asked if they would heat it up for me, and they obliged. I love how this picture shows the sheer pleasure on my face while I have honey bun all up in my gullet. I love food. I love it so much, I plan and strategize on how I can eat all the amazing things I wanna eat over the coming weeks. I set goals for what I want in my belly...there's something wrong with that!

Monday, December 15, 2008


This is me getting the Grinch's furry thumb (?) up my right nostril. This was at an awesome ice sculpture exhibit at Opryland.
Cousin Mose


This was my Halloween Costume this year. We had a party at Natalie's house (the girl to the left of me) I was supposed to be Dwight's cousin Mose from the Office. I think with more prep, I could have pulled it off better. The other dude in this picture is Joey Allman.